The FA has commissioned KKP to deliver 330 local football facility plans (LFFPs)

KKP has been commissioned to deliver the 330 local football facility plans (LFFPs) for the FA National Football Facilities Strategy, which can be accessed at: LFFP Introduction – the FA.

We shall be managing the process of local engagement, consultation and LFFP production which will be delivered between now and mid-2020 – over four tranches of local authorities

LFFPs will set out a ten-year vision for football facilities in each local authority.  They will identify  projects to deliver (and partners with which to work) and form an investment portfolio for the majority of local schemes that require funding; 90% of all community football investment  will be driven by LFFP content.

Importantly, the FA is broadening its focus so these plans include commitments not only to the affiliated game but also to investing in social, recreational and other forms of football delivery in a range of settings and with a variety of partners.